Rune Charm Necklaces

Rustic Souls

$ 80.00 $ 110.00

These unique necklaces are made with a technique called fusing- heating under flame almost to the point of melting- to get one of a kind textures. Each piece is made with recycled sterling silver. 


Elements Charm: one sided, elements in order of album releases, 24 inches long

Rune Charm 1: double sided runes unuz, eihwaz, gebo, wunjo 19 inches long 

Rune Charm 2: double sided runes laguz, kenaz, ehwaz, unuz 20 inches long 

Rune Charm 3: one sided Gebo rune 16 inches long 

Rune Charm 4: one sided Laguz rune 16 inches long 

if you would like different chain or a custom pendant, please send a message for a free quote. 

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