bo·he·mi·an:: noun:: a socially unconventional person
Rustic Souls offers lush, versatile modern bohemian jewelry and accessories. Handmade pieces are heavily infused with undyed and hand-cut gemstones. Every design is made with the idea that each piece can be worn with a chiffon dress or with a t-shirt and jeans. Minimalist designs offer a simple but bold statement to your wardrobe.   
Rustic Souls has gone NOMADIC, meaning I will be working on the road for the foreseeable future. This impacts response time on returning messages and how quickly I can fill an order. It all depends on if I am out of cell range and where the nearest post office is. The most current shipping estimates are posted below. 
 ***SHIPPING TIME: Currently heading to the Southwest so the lead time is 5-7 days before your package will make it to the post office. If it is possible to manage it quicker, I will definitely do so. If you need faster shipping, please message me before your order to confirm it can be arranged.***