Witches Cross Earrings

Rustic Souls

$ 160.00

These one of a kind earrings are made with a mix of sterling and 14k gold fill. The stone is called andalusite aka witches cross (when cut in this way).

Size: 2.25 inches long by 1.5 inches wide

*** If you want this to come in a keepsake box, please make sure to say so in the notes at checkout, otherwise it will come in normal packaging

Witches Cross aka andalusite stones are thought to be aids in connecting with the fae. This unusual crystal has long been regarded as a stone that is highly protective. These stones have strong metaphysical properties, as in meditation they will aid you to connect with the akashic records to discover past life information. They aid you to change negative energy into positive, and foster harmony and peace.

Andalusite is the seeing stone that promotes the desire for self-realization, helping one to rebalance and re-align. This stone helps the wearer in discovering problems and emotional blockages while pointing the wearer to the possible resolution. It is also a protection stone and used to ward off the evil eye.


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