Turquoise Protection Bracelets

Rustic Souls

$ 45.00 $ 50.00

Choose between one of 4 gorgeous turquoise bracelets. Or stack all 4! Pieces are decorated with herkimer diamonds, Buddha faces, Tibetan beads or bone beads. 


Size: stretch bracelets, 7 inches in length

Turquoise the talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors. It is a stone of protection, prized as a symbol of wisdom, nobility.  Turquoise can promote leadership, it helps overcome writer’s block, and is a stone of clear communication when giving information; an especially good amulet for those who work in the law, or for local or central government. Turquoise is especially recommended for accountants and computer operators for mental relaxation, for those who work in radio or television to release anxiety, and for laborers to protect from bodily harm. [Mella, 129-132]

Herkimer diamond are extremely useful in healing environments where its clarity, brilliance and high frequency facilitate the removal of energy blocks. It can stimulate healing by increasing the amount of Light energy the body can utilize. As a power stone in the workplace, it brings positive attention and prosperity through high achievement, and assists with research and study as it stores knowledge.


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