Smokey Quartz Set

Rustic Souls

$ 40.00 $ 90.00

 This necklace is strung with lovely smokey quartz making it a major statement necklace. Earrings are made with patinaed brass. 

Necklace is 18 inches long with an addtional 3 inch connector chain

Earrings are 3.5 inches long

Smoky Quartz was known as a Stone of Power. In the metaphysical world, Smoky Quartz is one of the most efficient crystals for grounding and cleansing. Alone, or naturally blended with other Quartz, it provides some of the finest healing tools available. It is a talisman of the Root Chakra, an anchor in the natural world, drawing white light energy from the Crown down through the body to be deeply rooted into the physical plane. It initiates movement of primal forces within the body and activates one’s survival instincts in a purified way. It brings strength and stability, and a sense of personal pride in walking the