Floating White Buffalo Turquoise Cuff

Rustic Souls

$ 320.00

This gorgeous floating cuff is the perfect statement piece that is not only beautiful but comfortable. Made with sterling silver and 2 large pieces of white buffalo turquoise and adorned with decorative line patterns on the sides. 

Fits small to large depending on how you want the piece to fit. It can be opened or closed a bit to make fit more comfortable.  Wrist in picture is a medium. 

White buffalo turquoise is from Tonopah, NV. 

White Turquoise is often called the “White Buffalo” stone, signifying its broad spiritual energies and its connection to the higher energies now descending to earth. This variety of turquoise is a powerful sacred stone valued for its rarity and purity of mineral composition. This stone has been historically used as a protection stone for its purifying properties. It has often been crafted into amulets to aid in warding off negative energies and promoting communication. White buffalo turquoise is said to help promote a general sense of well being. It can be useful for channeling new energy into the body. This stone can also help with promoting a sense of emotional peace, easing the effects of depression and panic. This stone is often associated with the Crown chakra but has the ability to realign all seven chakras.

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