Alternative Morganite Ring

Rustic Souls

$ 350.00 $ 400.00

This lovely ring is made with with a hand-cut faceted morganite stone and set in a 14k gold (solid) bezel on a sterling band. The band also has decorative 14k gold framing the sides of the stone. This piece was designed with the thought it could be worn as an alternative engagement ring. But it is perfect for everyday wear or special occasions ring. 

Sizes: 7

Morganite is a powerful, high vibrational, universal stone of unconditional love. A member of the Beryl family, and siblings of Emerald, Heliodor and Aquamarine, Morganite is the pink variety of Beryl. It helps to attract and maintain love. Morganite activates and cleanses the Heart Chakra, connecting to Divine Love.

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