One Love Collection

These pieces are not just a reminder of the oppression in our country but a reminder of what we are fighting for - equality, unity and love of all people. These pieces are a quiet reminder to yourself that you stand for black lives matter. That you stand for peace and unity of all people not only in our society, but in the world. That you will fight to get rid of oppression for the BIPOC community in any way that you are able. That the BLM movement is not just something to fight for right now but something to fight for until the systematic oppression in our nation is gone. These pieces are a reminder that we all bleed red. We are all equal, there should be no oppression among us no matter the color of your skin, your race,  your sex, sexual orientation or gender identity. We are all human and no one should be treated as less. 

100% of the purchase price of the first piece sold of each design will go to After that, 50% of the purchase price of every piece in the One Love collection will be donated to

#BLM #fightforchange #bethechange #endracism 

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