Balinese Earrings


$ 55.00 $ 75.00

Traditional Balinese style earrings made from solid sterling and handmade in Bali. Designs are painstakingly created one small silver ball at a time. Some designs (pair on left) take up to three days to complete. The pair on the right is a design that has been made in Balinese jewelry for generations. The gold plated bar through the middle was hand plated with 'black gold' mined from Indonesia. 


Detailed Dots: 2,25 inches long x .35 inches wide

Gold Bar: 1.75 inches long x .5 wide

I was lucky enough to get to sit down with one of the master metalsmiths and get a lesson in how they made their creations. While the process is very similar to what we use in modern jewelry making they use things like a bean paste and trimmed hollow reeds (imagine the tip of feathers used as pens) instead of flux and tweezers. While their tools seem primitive they are genius and a perfect example of using what you have available to you. And the precision of the pieces they create without a majority of the modern tools we have is amazing. The whole process was so simple and yet the results so detailed and complex. 


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