Hill Tribe Scarves


$ 30.00 $ 45.00

Made in the northern region of Chiang Mai, Thailand by women of the hill tribes who have been weaving their own clothes for generations. Each scarf can take from one to three days to make.

Size: approx. 52 inches long x 13 inches wide

I walked through this tribe midday and it was only women and children. All the men old enough to work were working the fields. Women of all ages were selling coffee which was also very popular in this region, attending to daily chores like laundry, rolling cigarettes the size of taquitos (they were full of fresh dried tobacco leaves and tumeric chips wrapped up in a dried banana leaf) and weaving. An entire building in this tiny village was dedicated to weaving and selling but I was told every family has a smaller loom in their home too. Single women and married women wore different colors and patterns of weaves and one of the women who was told I was single insisted that all single women look better in purple! This was a women run village and it was humbling to walk through and interact with the women who obviously worked day in and day out to run the village. But the best part was to see how happy they were despite how hard they obviously worked. I will never forget the face of the great grandma who rolled me a giant cigarette. 

These scarves were made to be decorative, not for warmth. Dry Clean Only!

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